Some Natural Phenomena

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Some Natural Phenomena

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Language: English

Instructors: Prabh Kirpa Classes

Why this course?


Full chapter explanation which will cover the following: 

1. What is the meaning of lightning? 

2. What are the various types of lightning? 

3. What are the two types of charges? 

4. Prove with experiments that like charges repel each other and opposite charges attract each other. 

5. What is the purpose of an electroscope? 

6. What is the meaning of earthing? 

7. How to protect ourselves from lightning?

- i) when we are indoor 

ii) when we are outdoor. 

8. What is the meaning of lightning conductor? 

9. What is an earthquake? How are earthquakes recorded? 

10. Do earthquakes only happen on earth? 

11. Can scientists predict earthquakes? 

12. What causes an earthquake? 

13. What are the likely consequences of an earthquake? 

14. What are seismic zones or fault zones? 

15. What is the Richter scale? Richter scale is not linear. Explain. 

16. What is a seismograph? 

17. How to make buildings ‘Quake Safe’? 

18. Suppose you are outside your home and an earthquake occurs. What precautions would you take to protect yourself? 

19. The weather department has predicted that a thunderstorm is likely to occur on a certain day. Suppose you have to go out on that day. Would you carry an umbrella? Explain. 

20. What are the measures you would take in your house when an earthquake occurs? 

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