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PTE Speaking Read Aloud 1

Total Duration: 1 hour 11 min 31 sec.

Learn the Do's & Don'ts of Read Aloud

1 learners enrolled

Language: English

Instructors: Jaimit Shah

Validity Period: 180 days

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Why this course?


Task - Text appears on the screen. Read the text aloud.

Prompt Length - Text up to 60 words

Skills Assessed - Reading and speaking

Time to Answer - Varies by item, depending on the length of text.

How to answer this question - For this item type you need to read a written text aloud.

Exp. - The recording status box displays a countdown until the microphone opens. You have 30–40 seconds to read the text and prepare.

You will then hear a short tone. After the tone, start speaking immediately. Do not start speaking before the microphone opens because your voice will not be recorded.

You should speak clearly. There is no need to rush. Finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end.

The word “Recording” changes to “Completed”.  You are only able to record your response once.  Tip: If you remain silent for longer than three seconds, the recording will stop.

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