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MS Excel Beginners Course

Total Duration: 4 hour 43 min 7 sec.

Professionally Excel with MS Excel

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Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Swati Verma Sood

Validity Period: 180 days

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Why this course?


Overview This training provides all the tools necessary to create and use basic spreadsheets. Participants will receive an overview of the interface and learn the various methods for entering and editing data. Additionally, participants will learn the various ways to write simple formulas.

Learn the basics of creating spreadsheets in Excel. Enter data, formulas, format and print workbooks.

Target Student This course is for individuals whose job responsibilities include creating, inputting and printing basic spreadsheets.

i. Employees

ii. Students

iii. Self-employed

iv. Entrepreneurs

Prerequisites Basic Windows, keyboarding and mouse skills.  Course Outline -

Modules -

1. Getting Started Starting Excel Opening a Workbook Understanding the Display Screen Working with the Ribbon Exploring the File Tab Working with the Quick Access Toolbar Working with the Status Bar Switching Between Opened Workbooks Using Excel Help

2. Entering Data Moving the Cell Pointer Selecting a Range of Cells Creating a New Workbook Inserting, Renaming, and Deleting Worksheets Entering Constant Values Using Auto Fill to Enter Data Saving a Workbook Editing Cell Contents Clearing Cell Contents Working with Undo and Redo Closing a Workbook

3. Using Formulas Entering Formulas Using Auto Fill with Formulas Using the SUM Function Summing Columns or Rows Automatically Using Statistical Functions Working with the Range Finder Using Formula Error Checking

4. Working with Constant Values and Formulas Copying and Pasting Constant Values and Formulas Cutting and Pasting Constant Values and Formulas Using Collect and Paste

5. Formatting Worksheets Formatting Numbers Changing the Font Format Aligning Cell Contents Merging Cells Adding Borders Applying Cell Styles

5.1. Modifying Columns and Rows Changing Column Width Changing Row Height Inserting and Deleting Columns or Rows Hiding Columns or Rows

6. Editing Workbooks Working with AutoCorrect Checking Spelling Using Find and Replace

7. Printing Worksheets Using Print Preview Working with Print Settings Using Page Setup Tools Working in Page Layout View Creating a Header and Footer Using Page Break Preview Printing a Worksheet Exiting Excel

Course Curriculum

How to Use

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