Most Common Mistakes in English Grammar

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Most Common Mistakes in English Grammar

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Whether you are writing an email or creating a resume, we should ensure that our writing is correct by avoiding grammar mistakes. If we spend some time editing our words before sending them out, we may find some grammatical errors.  Most Common Mistakes in English Grammar in connection with the following:

1. Use of incorrect spellings of a word 

2. Mistake in using Apostrophes 

3. Sentence fragments 

4. Lack of Subject-Verb agreement 

5. Misplaced modifiers/words 

6. Pronoun error

7. Incomplete comparisons 

8. Mixing up Possession vs. Plural 

9. Confusion between Fewer and Less 

10. Your vs. You’re 

11. i.e., vs. e.g. 

12. Writing numbers 

13. Use the correct verb for the entire correspondence 

14. Unnecessary commas 

15. No clear Antecedent 

16. Ending a Sentence in a Preposition 

17. Very long sentences 

18. Mistakes with Well and Good 

19. Peek vs. Peak vs. Pique 

20. Who vs. That 

21. A lot vs. Allot 

22. Who vs. Whom vs. Whose vs. Who’s 

23. Into vs. in to 

24. Lose vs. Loose 

25. Then vs. Than 

26. Introductory commas 

27. Of vs. have 

28. Possessive nouns 

29. Missing comma in a Compound Sentence 

30. Mixing up spellings 

i) To vs. too vs. two 

ii) Whether vs. Weather 

iii) There vs. Their 

31. Mixing up similar words 

i) Affect vs. effect 

ii) Further vs. father 

iii) Accept vs. except 

32. Assure vs. Insure vs. Ensure 

33. Me vs. I 

34. Commas for a series 

35. Compliment s. Complement 

36. Between vs. among 

37. Semicolon vs. Colon 

38. Capitalization errors

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