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Financial Analysis Course - A Conceptual & Practical Approach

Total Duration: 4 hour 44 min.

Financial Analysis- A Conceptual & Practical Approach

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Language: English

Instructors: Zenith Academics

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Why this course?


The course is meant for whom?

This course is ideally suited for those preparing for competitive exams, students of commerce, finance, bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, small investors, and others who have a passion for the subject.
This course is for those individuals who have discovered their weaknesses & gaps in knowledge and skills and wish to overcome them.
This course is for those who avoid books but have a thirst for knowledge.
How the course will help you?

Please attempt the following questions: 

Question 1. Do you find difficulty in understanding finance matters? 

Question 2. Are you comfortable with Balance Sheet Analysis, Profitability Analysis, Ratio Analysis, DSCR, Break-Even Analysis and Working Capital Concept?

Question 3. Are you a student of commerce or finance preparing for your exams? 

Question 4. Are you a Bank Officer working in a bank or a finance company, engaged in creating a quality loan portfolio? 

If your answer to the above questions is Yes, then this course is meant for you.

This course will help you to rise in your career. It will help you to understand the fundamentals of finance-related aspects and also prepare you to work out the financial statements and analyse them, all by yourself. The focus of this course is to clear the concepts and take you to the world of financial statements and their analysis. You will learn to work out financial statements and analysis through ratios hands down in excel format and take credit decisions as per the bank’s benchmark. The Course is a blend of Conceptual and Practical aspects of Financial Management.

How is this course different?

Focus on Finance Concepts with Case Studies
Step-by-step calculation of Financial Statements in Excel with Analysis
Step-by-step calculation of Financial Ratios in Excel with Interpretation
How is the course designed?

The Course is divided into 7 Modules with several lectures in each of them.  

The 1st Module deals with Financial Statements containing 1 lecture.  Here you will learn the meaning of financial statements and its types. 

The 2nd Module deals with Balance Sheet Concepts containing 3 lectures.  You will learn with examples the Balance Sheet Structure and its interrelationships, the calculation of Reserves & Surplus, Concept of Depreciation and its calculation, the concept of Gross Block & Net Block, concepts of Intangible Assets, Investments and Current Assets.

The 3rd Module deals with Income Statement in detail and its analysis with examples and case studies in 2 lectures.

The 4th Module deals with Operating Cycle in detail containing 1 lecture.

The 5th Module deals with Ratio Analysis and its Interpretation in 7 lectures.  Here you will learn about the Ratios in general and also Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios, Turnover Ratios, and Profitability Ratios with hands-on working with case studies in excel format. In the end, you will find an interpretation of the Ratios with case studies. 

The 6th Module deals with other important ratios in 2 lectures e.g. Debt-Service Coverage Ratio and Security Coverage Ratio with examples.

Finally, the 7th Module deals with Break Even Concept along with Case Study in excel sheet.  

Your Takeaway from this Course

By the end of this course, you will have learned the fundamentals of finance-related aspects.

Get started today and learn more about credit management & financial management

Learn Types of Financial Statements.
Learn Balance Sheet Structure and its concepts with case studies.
Learn Income Statement and how to Analyse Income Statement in excel sheet.
Learn 20 Ratios and their Interpretation in excel sheet.
Learning about standard benchmark ratios applicable in banks.
Understanding DSCR Concept with case study for Term Loans & Security Coverage Ratio along with standard benchmark ratios in banks.
Learn Break Even Analysis with case study in excel sheet.

No prior knowledge is required for enrolling in the course.
Just stay focused while learning and take notes.
This course is specially designed for those who have a thirst for quick knowledge but avoid books
An internet connection and a Laptop/PC/Mobile/Tablet.

Course Curriculum

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