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Entrepreneurship Development Course 101 : Startup Your New Venture

Total Duration: 2 hours 12 min 54 sec.

Understand Entrepreneurship.

Learn what it takes to be an Entrepreneur.

A practical oriented course.

1 learners enrolled

Language: English

Instructors: Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid

Validity Period: 180 days

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Why this course?


Entrepreneurship development is one of the most simple but unfortunately, also the least understood subjects of management or an MBA course. We tend to read the theory without correlating it with the practical aspects and then we memorize the exam-related theory and also pass the exams. But that does not serve the purpose in real life.

In this course, hosted by PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants, Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid has explained in a very lucid manner...the theory as well as the practical aspects of entrepreneurship.

  On completion of this course, you will not automatically become an entrepreneur but I can assure you that you will know what an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, and enterprise mean in the true sense and you will also be able to evaluate your own self whether you have it in you. And just in case you don’t have those traits, you would know that you need to develop them before you launch your own enterprise or a startup. And if you are learning this only for the purpose of an academic exam, then you will not only be able to face your exam in a better way but a clear understanding of the subject will help you put into practice the learning in your professional career.


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