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Cell - Structure and Functions

Total Duration: 1 hour 14 min.

Cell - Structure and Functions

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Language: English

Instructors: Prabh Kirpa Classes

Why this course?


Why the Cell is called the structural and functional unit of life? 

What are the three basic components of a cell?

Organisms show variety in Cell Number, Shape, and Size. Discuss. 

What is the difference between Unicellular and Multicellular organisms? 

How does an Amoeba obtain its food? 

What is the difference between prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells? 

What would happen if the plasma membrane ruptures or breaks down? 

Why Plasma membrane is called a selectively permeable membrane? 

In addition to the cell membrane, there is an outer thick layer in the cells of plants. Discuss. 

What do you mean by Protoplasm? 

The cytoplasm contains many smaller components called Organelles.

Name a few organelles.  + 10 NCERT


1.(a) Whether unicellular organisms have a one-celled body? 

(b) Whether muscle cells are branched? 

( c) Whether the basic living unit of an organism is an organ? 

(d) Whether amoeba has an irregular shape? 

2. What function do nerve cells perform? 

3. Write short notes on

(a) Cytoplasm

(b) Nucleus of a cell.  

4. Which part of the cell contains organelles? 

5. State three difference between animal and plant cells. 

6. What is the difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes? 

7. Where are chromosomes found in a cell? State their function. 

8. Cells are the basic structural units of living organisms. Explain. 

9. Explain why chloroplast are found only in plant cells? 

10. Complete the crossword with the help of given clues.

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