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Cash Flow & Fund Flow- A Complete Study

Total Duration: 3 hour 52 min 42 sec.

Learn Dynamic Concepts of Cash Flow & Fund Statements with Case Studies, MCQs & Assignments

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Language: English

Instructors: Zenith Academics

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Why this course?


Do you know Cash Flow & Fund Flow Analysis is a Force Multiplier in Financial Analysis?

The balance Sheet & the Income Statements are static and inert Financial Statements. The Cash Flow and Fund Flow break down and dissect to bring life, and enhance the intrinsic value of the financial statements.

Every student of finance, a banker, lawyer, entrepreneur, small investor, or those preparing for any competitive exam, having conceptual weakness, should have a clear understanding of the financial concepts.

This course focuses on strengthening the Cash Flow & Fund Flow Concepts and pivots on the Learner-Centered Method of imparting skills-based knowledge.  Technical jargon in the lectures has been avoided for easy understanding and case studies have been worked out on accounting reasoning than accounting techniques, to aid students without accounting and finance backgrounds.  The conceptual lectures coupled with loads of Case Studies in Excel sheets, MCQs, and Assignments will develop the students to walk through the minefields confidently.

The course is divided into 3 Modules, containing 13 lecture videos plus lots of 100 MCQ’s and Assignments to help you to master the subject completely.

How this course is different?

The Course is ideally suited for students without strong accounting and finance backgrounds.
Focus on the Concepts with Case Studies
Step by Step Preparation of Cash Flow Statements in Excel Sheet with Analysis and Interpretation.
Step by Step Preparation of Fund Flow Statements in Excel Sheet with Analysis and Interpretation.
MCQs at the end to Self-Test your understanding.
Assignments at the end of each module.
Download Course Completion Certificate at the end of the course
24x7 Live Support in case of any query.
Advice to Students:

Go through each lesson and take notes.
Go through the Case Studies and Practice
Attempt all the MCQs at the end of each module.
Practice the Assignments at the end of each module
What will students learn in this course?

Learning the Concepts of Cash Flow & Fund Flow from student’s perspective.  Technical jargon avoided and stress on accounting reasoning than accounting techniques.
Learning the Golden Rules of Cash Flows and Fund Flows
Learning the implications of both Cash Flow & Fund Flow Statement.
Learning the steps in preparing the Statements in easy steps.
Learning step by step method of preparing each statement in Excel Worksheet through live case studies
Cementing the understanding with Practice Tests
Brainstorming with loads of MCQs.
Revising the learning with Assignments and Solutions given in the end.
What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking your course?

No prior knowledge required for enrolling into the course.  Even a person without Accounting and Finance background can take the course.
Just stay focused while learning and take notes.  Practice the Tests and attempt all the MCQ’s to master the concepts.
An internet connection and a Laptop/PC/Mobile/Tablet.

Course Curriculum

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